Fashion Friday

Its Friday so let’s talk fashion!..

I am so in love and obsessed with the fact that faux fur is back in style! It honestly looks great on everyone. You should grab yourself some fur because the moment you put it on you will feel absolutely classy and stunning!

Forever 21 has affordable and amazing fur. They also have the most beautiful 1920s flapper style dresses, which is another hot piece of clothing I am drooling over. The bead work and designs are simply gorgeous.  Below are some pictures that caught my eye. Will you be in on the faux fur and 1920’s trend?

flapper dress.jpg
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fur 2
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Me on Thanksgiving Day, enjoying this gorgeous stole my grandmother bought me from New York. I am feeling sophisticated and classy.



Hello Gorgeous…

Hi all you beauty gurus and crafty dolls. Welcome to ‘My Dream Boutique Blog’ Stay tuned with weekly updates on makeup, how-to’s, fashion, health and more!

doterra lavender oil

Lets start with our very first beauty tip. Did you know if you add a drop of Lavender Essential Oil in a tube of your mascara it will benefit the length and growth of your eyelashes! Its true. I have been doing it for over 2-3 weeks now and my eyelashes are longer and healthier than ever!! Give it time but I swear you will notice a difference. I am loving Doterra essential oils by far!!! Their essential oils are amazing!!!

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